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Pricing your Property


Establishing the best listing price for your home is an essential component of the listing process.  Using comparable sales and market data, I can provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis to assist you in determining the current market value of your home.  “Market Value” is the estimated price for which a property should sell for if exposed to the open market for a reasonable length of time.


The most significant factors in determining Market Value are:


  • Current market conditions

  • Financing

  • State of the economy

  • Competition in the local market  (Supply and Demand)

  • The location and condition of a home


Timing is everything in the real estate market.  A property attracts the greatest interest from prospective buyers and Realtors® when it is initially placed on the market.  Selecting a competitive price for your home from the start will:


  • Expose your property to the greatest number of prospective buyers

  • Create enthusiasm amongst real estate sales representatives and brokers

  • Increase the potential for higher offers and competing offers

  • Help your property sell faster, therefore minimizing the inconvenience of showings and Open Houses

  • Prevent your listing from remaining on the market too long and becoming “market stale”

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