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About Leslie

Kingston DND Realtor

"Hiring Leslie to be my Realtor was the best decision ever. Right from the onset she started working hard to find me my new home.  Prior to my HHT, she took the time to send me houses to review that suited my needs.  The schedule that she prepared for my HHT trip was amazing, which led to me finding the perfect home.  You can’t go wrong by hiring this wonderful, hard working, caring Realtor®"


-MWO (Retired) Rene Bell

I have always been fascinated by the various floor plans of houses.  I remember duplicating my own family home out of cardboard for a Grade 4 homework assignment. I found scraps of wallpaper used in the various rooms in our home and matched that up with the rooms in my mock up.  Years later, I remain fascinated by the vast assortment of floor plans available in the market place and I have a gift for spotting wasted space and transforming it into useful space.


I also possess a keen awareness of how to invest money wisely.  Through a combination of competitive sports programs and growing up with 4 siblings, I learned the value of hard work, earning my own money and spending it sensibly.  From an early age I delivered the local newspaper in my neighbourhood.  The route was in my brother Jon’s name because I was not old enough to have my own route yet.  On weekends I delivered flyers and eventually worked at a local hockey arena while working a second job in the fast food industry.

Upon completing high school, I joined the Canadian Forces and started my studies at Royal Roads Military College in Victoria, and graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada here in Kingston, with a degree in Business Administration.  A Logistics Officer by trade, I had the opportunity to hone my skills serving both overseas and across Canada.

Kingston DND Realtor
Kingston DND Realtor

I relied very heavily on my logistical skills when my husband and I became parents while juggling two military careers.  Ludger and I met in 1993 at the recruiting center and he continues to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces.  We’ve experienced numerous moves and deployments together and have been fortunate enough to welcome five daughters and five sons into our family along the way.  Our final posting in 2010 returned us to the beautiful and vibrant city of Kingston.

After serving for 20 wonderful years in the Forces, I found myself wanting to combine my passion for houses and design with my desire to assist others with making solid real estate decisions so I transitioned to a second career as a Realtor®.


Having experienced numerous BGRS moves myself, I certainly understand the intricacies involved with a relocation.  I have experienced the stress of selling a current home before proceeding on a House Hunting Trip (HHT) and I know how important it is to have much of the work completed before you even arrive on your HHT.  I believe an agent can only provide excellent services to one HHT at a time.  Finding the right home, in the right neighbourhood at the right price is vital, and with me you will be assisted every step of the way to make an informed real estate decision you’ll be confident in.

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