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Tips on choosing the right Realtor® for you:



There are many excellent Realtors® to choose from.  Interview three to ensure you select one that you feel comfortable with and confident in.  The quality of this relationship will determine the quality of your selling or buying experience.  Not all personalities will be a good fit for you.


How responsive is the Realtor?  Test this out by calling, texting or emailing them.  Who answers the phone?  Is it an assistant, a junior team member or do you have an opportunity to speak directly with the Realtor®?


Is the Realtor® a Sales Representative or a Broker?  Brokers have completed extra training to earn that designation and you may find them more knowledgeable as a result.


Does the Realtor® work independently or as part of a larger team?  Independent Realtors® prefer to handle all aspects of the sale from start to finish with a very hands on approach.  With a team approach you may be interfacing with several different members of the team and might be passed off to a more junior associate so it is a worthwhile question to ask.


Are they punctual for their interview?  If not, this may be an indication that they are too busy for your business or do not place high priority on client care.


Does the Realtor® know the market well?  This should be backed up by market data and reports.


What is their overall reputation within the community?


Questions to ask a Realtor® if you are selling:

Are staging services offered and will you be charged extra as a result?


Will professional photography and floor plans be supplied?


Can they adequately explain how they determined an ideal listing price for your home?  If their price is substantially higher than the professional opinion of others being interviewed, they may be pricing it high just to obtain your business.  If priced too high, the listing will become market stale and have difficulty selling without a price reduction. 


What measures will be taken to ensure the security of your home?


Questions to ask a Realtor® if you are buying:

How much experience do they have in multiple offer situations?  What strategies do they employ in these situations to ensure you are competitive while still managing risk?


How well do they listen to your wants and needs for your next home?


Will you be constantly pulling information from them or do you sense relevant information will be pushed to you in a timely manner?  If you need to rely heavily on searching for potential homes, this is definitely not ideal.


What plans do they have in place to show you listings in a timely fashion?


Questions to ask a Realtor® for Military Moves:

How many HHTs do they conduct each year?


Do they have a grasp of the nuances of a military move and what benefits can be claimed?


Are they well connected with other Third Party Service Providers?


Will you have a dedicated Realtor® working on your file uninterrupted until housing is secured?  Do they ever double book HHTs for the same week?


What is their HHT success rate in securing housing?


Do they understand military move terminology?  This can be tested by using some of the more common move acronyms with them to evaluate their level of experience with HHTs. 


In Conclusion:

Once you have selected your Realtor®, remain loyal and work exclusively with them.  If you run into any snags with communication or delivery of services, speak to them about it at the earliest opportunity so it can be re-worked to your liking.  Buying or selling a home requires a great relationship with your Realtor®.  I believe that a team atmosphere and hands-on approach is a winning combination for a successful and enjoyable real estate experience.


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